• Image of Kese-Exfoliating Mitt For Men & Thicker Skin
  • Image of Kese-Exfoliating Mitt For Men & Thicker Skin

Perfect for Thick Skin Types.

Once you have been in steam for a while, your skin loosens up and is ready for the "Kese". Slip your hand into the Kese, wrap your wrist with the strap. Start scrubbing up and down. Make sure you do this gently in the beginning as your body yet is not used to it. The dirt and the dead skin cells will start coming off. Do not use soap during this process. Once you have scrubbed your entire body, rinse off. I would highly reccomend using cold or cooler water after exfoliating to shrink your pores down.

Once your body is rinsed with cooler water, cooler than luke warm that is, you can raise the temparature and soap up in the temperature you desire. Your skin cells die every seven days. Do not use Kese more than once a week. Exfoliating with Kese will help your skin be free of any growths, help circulate blood better and feed the skin cells.

By removing dead skin cells, you will generate new skin cells much faster and have healthier skin in relatively short time.

100% Viscose (Beech Fibers)