This very talented woman is a childhood friend of mine.  We grew up at an oil refinery compound in Izmit, Turkey.  It was half Caltex and Half Turkish government owned and our fathers were the core group that refinery and we lived in a private housing reserved for such people.   It was a very well thought out and provided community.  I think my American life in Turkey was more luxurious than I can certainly afford now.  The entire grounds was a golf course, we had a club house with butlers and chefs, swimming pool, Tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts, football (soccer to you) fields.  We had private teachers who came on the compound to teach us swim, dance, contact sports, musical instruments, arts & crafts.  It really was an idilic life.  All the kids, we were like siblings and loved and cared for each other deeply.  

Nurdan was always a very mischievous girl who would write some very far fetched scenarios with Canan and they would play it out.  Nurdan's last name Deniz means "Sea" in English.  So, she is the daughter of Sea, a Mermaid.  it was only befitting we called her designs the Mermaid Design.

Nurdan creates beautiful pieces of clothing, bags, curtains and table cloths with crotchet or knitting needles.  You will find her bags beautiful.  They look better than machine made ones and each of them is very unique and different.

Enjoy them.

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