Peshtemal is a very green product as it needs less water & detergent to wash and less energy to dry. Instead of having to wash it after one use, you can get more uses out of it.  Peshtemal dries much faster than a traditional towel thus not getting a musty smell. 

Peshtemal was traditionally woven with 100% Cotton fibers.  There is also the Linen Peshtemal that is either 100% Flax Fiber or a combination of Flax & Cotton.  100% Bamboo Fiber and a combination of Bamboo & Cotton Peshtemals are now very popular because of the softness and antiseptic qualities of the bamboo fibers. 

You can use your Peshtemal in many other functions not just for drying your body.  A peshtemal can adorn your table, serve as your picnic blanket, can provide warmth around your head & neck or shoulders. You can spread it on the sand at the beach, carry things in it......

Possibilities are endless. We would love to know new ways of using the Peshtemal. How would you use yours? Please let us know.

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